One million miles is quite the feat to reach in any car – only a few have done it, one man has done it three times over. But reaching the million-mile mark, as impressive as it may be in its own right, is even more remarkable when done in a car like the 356, one of the most legendary Porsche vehicles ever made.

Owned by Guy Newmark of California, the 356 in question – lovingly named ‘Blu' – was originally purchased in Stuttgart, Germany, by Guy’s father. It was eventually shipped back to the states, and after a few years on the road, was given to Guy as a college graduation present. From there, he would then daily drive it for 40 years… and counting.

“When I think of the future with Blu, I can only think of the past,” says Guy. “Because everything is going to be the same. Blue is my everyday car – I drive it to the gym, I drive it to work, I drive it wherever I’m going whatever the occasion is."

The car is regularly serviced every 3,000 miles, making sure that the original engine and components remain in working condition on a daily basis. Both the exterior and interior have been well kept (note the seat covers), its original Azure Blue paint job unblemished, and chrome accents regularly polished.

It’s an extraordinary accomplishment for such an extraordinary car – here’s to another million.

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