Kia has an all new take on their Kia Soul, and will debut the new concept in Detroit next month. Early speculation has us wondering if it is a four-door, small SUV, or tiny pick-up truck.

Kia will bring their new concept to the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month.  Based on the Kia Soul, this is an all-new take on the company's upcoming urban crossover car.

At first glance, the question that comes to mind is, "Why is the Korean company coming out with a new Soul Concept?"  After all the first-generation Kia Soul, which was just unveiled last year and has not yet shown up on dealer floors, itself was based on a concept that debuted almost three years ago.

Kia World's "insider" has an answer to that: "this is not just a re-packaging treatment."  Mysteriously, the leaker says, "The new concept will demonstrate the flexibility of the original Soul design first shown at the 2006 NAIAS."

We are a bit sceptical, but we'll give Kia the benefit of the doubt.  Early speculation has fans wondering if this will be a three-door, a small SUV, or some kind of El Camino-esque pick-up.  No official details, and no pics of the all-new Kia Soul concept rear section have been released.

Kia Motors will unveil the concept of a not yet released production vehicle based on a concept at their 2009 NAIAS press conference, scheduled for Sunday, January 11, 2009, at 2:20 pm Detroit time.