A 3D printer was used during the production of the exhaust system and triple clamp.

The Duke series has a 125, 250, 390, 690 and 1290. What’s next? In terms of displacement, we can’t really make a case for growth. KTM can, however, justify the hunt for unparalleled poise. Just take a look at its KTM 790 Duke Prototype for a peek at what may be coming town the pipe from KTM in the near future.

Telepathic levels of feedback. Lightness that’s off the scale. Our engineers are highly motivated to establish a new level of riding sensation. The first proof of these huge efforts: the inspiring prototype “790 DUKE.”

An inline Twin, the LC8c (c for compact), the 790 wears a tight suit of hand-welded steel tubes, suspension components from WP prototype development, and a beautifully machined aluminum subframe and tail cowl. Add advanced ride-by-wire, next-gen rider assistance, integrated connectivity and tomorrow’s sensors are here today.

But wait there’s more: a quickshifter that takes its name extremely seriously. Custom ride modes. Personalized traction control. Outrageous design by KISKA. And – hold the press – there’s a 3D printer involved in the production of both the exhaust system and triple clamp.

The future has arrived.

Source: RideApart.com

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