Though it’s based on a Ford Mustang, Zero to 60 Designs doesn’t want that name associated with its GTT tuner car.

California tuning company Zero to 60 Designs received lots of attention at last week’s SEMA show with its GTT concept car, but some of that attention was unwanted. Ford’s legal team got in touch with the company over the car – though merely questioning the name used, rather than with a cease-and-desist letter. To counter any potential naming confusion, Zero to 60 Designs has revised the car’s logo and reiterated that the car is called the Zero to 60 Designs GTT, not the Ford Mustang GTT.

The new GTT logo, seen above, has a plainer, simpler font for its three letters, as opposed to the original logo that used an inset blue line and more closely resembled the logo used by the production Mustang GT sports car. Zero to 60 Designs also hopes to clarify that it has never referred to the car as a “Ford Mustang GTT,” but says confusion came about because many publications – including Motor1 – did use that terminology.

“With our message of paying homage to both the Ford Mustang GT and the Ford GT, the last thing we at Zero to 60 want to do is get into a confrontation with Ford. It’s rather the opposite,” the company said in a statement. “We picked two of the most inspirational vehicles in the industry and provided our interpretation of it. This new logo rendering represents our Zero to 60 Designs GTT. We learned over the past week that a few of the stories also mislabeled the car as the Mustang GTT and not the Zero to 60 Designs GTT. Those names are entirely different.”

The company’s skittishness to avoid a legal scuffle isn’t without precedent. Porsche, for instance, pursued legal action against Californian company Singer Vehicle Design to ensure it was made clear that its modified cars weren’t produced by Singer. The preferred terminology is usually “Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer Vehicle Design.” Zero to 60 Designs is clearly taking pains to ensure it doesn’t enter into a similar legal dispute with Ford.

Source: Zero to 60 Designs

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