The BMW i8 will always look like a spaceship. There really isn’t anything else like it on the road, and there probably never will be. But there’s no getting away from the fact that it isn’t exactly rare anymore.

Over 10,000 examples have rolled out of the Leipzig, Germany factory since production started in 2014. With that many i8s on the road, its impact and shock value have been reduced considerably. Simply having one is no longer enough to get you noticed when there are three more at your apartment building.

But BMW dealer Abu Dhabi Motors has come up with a solution, commissioning a run of nine i8s wearing unique colors.

The first two - which are available now - are finished in Lava Red and Lava Orange. Subsequent releases include Lava Green, Austin Yellow, Twilight Purple, and Sunglow Yellow.

All nine gain a bit of extra visual muscle, too, with custom aero addenda by AC Schnitzer. A front splitter with side flaps, side skirts, rear apron and fixed rear wing have been added, all rendered in carbon fiber. A set of custom AC Schnitzer wheels finishes the cars off nicely.

“Abu Dhabi is a knowledgeable market where taste and demands are advanced,” said Abu Dhabi Motors General Manager Arno Husselmann. “We understand the passions and expectations of our customers - they want to make a strong statement with their car and stand out from the crowd.

“We therefore place extra importance on staying ahead of trends and creating new ideas for models, materials, and color options. These new colors are yet another example of this.

“Made by the very best paint companies in Germany using the very highest quality materials, we have no doubt that these new paints will get our customers’ seal of approval.”

All nine colors will remain unique for a year after sale, at which point anyone will be able to spec them.

Source: BMW Blog

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