A supermodel and a famous feline are a bizarre combination for the automaker's 2017 calendar. This behind-the-scenes video makes it look like a fun photoshoot, though.

Opel’s decision for its 2017 calendar of combining the brand’s classic vehicles, model Georgia May Jagger, and Internet icon Grumpy Cat for a series of seasonally themed photos still doesn’t make much sense. The automaker is clearly quite enamored by the end product, though. A limited edition of the calendar goes on sale in mid-November for 29.95 euros ($33 at current exchange rates), and the company is promoting it by debuting a behind-the-scenes video of the bizarre photo shoot. Captions even imagine what Grumpy Cat is thinking at the time.

While Jagger and Grumpy Cat generally have the spotlight in these photos, Opel rolls out some interesting vehicles, too. A gold-plated 1956 Kapitan is appropriately outlandish for this odd pair, and they pose with the futuristic GT Concept, too. In one photo, Jagger even pulls aside a curtain that reveals the headlight and grille of the next-generation Insignia, which debuts at next year's Geneva Motor Show. Models like the Astra, Mokka X, and Ampera-e also show up in the calendar.

Opel Grumpy Cat Calendar

Jagger is the daughter of the Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger and model Jerry Hall. Grumpy Cat found initial stardom on Reddit, and her owner eventually spun the popularity into the kitty becoming a media sensation.

Opel will also stage an exhibit of the calendar in Berlin this February. Jagger, photographer Ellen von Unwerth, and even Grumpy Cat will be there for the private opening. However given the famous feline’s surly demeanor, we don’t expect it to be too enthused by the pictures or the posh event.

The folks at Opel apparently have a thing for famous kitties. For a previous calendar, the firm hired Karl Lagerfeld as the photographer, and he made sure his cat Choupette made an appearance in it.

Source: Opel

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