The suspect saved the police a problem when he crashed all by himself, ending a 40-mile pursuit.

This is the moment the pursuit of a stolen Mercedes CLS Class came to a dramatic end on a freeway in Santa Clarita, California.

The newcasters on CBS LA were discussing how police might bring the chase to an end when the driver attempted to take an exit. He misjudged the move and plowed into the sand-filled pylons at the end of the concrete barrier.

It was a massive impact that totaled the Mercedes. It rolled back across the freeway until a cruiser bumped into the rear, stopping it. As officers surrounded the car with weapons drawn, the driver emerged from the wreckage with his hands up, apparently uninjured. Which demonstrates just how strong the CLS is.

The driver led police on a 40-mile (64 kilometers) chase from West Lost Angeles along the 405, 5, and 14 freeways to Santa Clarita. According to police, the driver was armed and wanted for grand theft auto. After he got out of the car, he was arrested without incident.

The mess he made did cause a huge jam on the northbound 14, though.

The Mercedes CLS itself has never been crash tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the United States, or NCAP elsewhere in the world. But the E Class sedan it is based on scored a five star rating when tested by Euro NCAP, and was rated Good by the IIHS. Since the CLS Is fitted with exactly the same safety systems there is every reason to suppose it would earn the same ratings.

Which means that any CLS driver, whether they have stolen the car or not, should be able to get out of a similar, high-speed wreck unscathed. And, in this case, it means the suspect could be taken straight to jail, rather than having to wait for him to recover from the injuries he would undoubtedly have sustained had he stolen a lesser car.

Source: CBS LA