Brochure scans of the upcoming Toyota Passo Sette and Daihatsu Boon Ruminous MPVs have been leaked to the web prior to the vehicles' Christmas Day unveiling.

Scans of the upcoming Toyota/Daihatsu joint venture have been leaked to the web early. Intended for the Japanese market, the MPVs, which are expected to be named Toyota Passo Sette and Daihatsu Boon Ruminous, will compete with the upcoming Proton MPV when they hit the road in early 2009. A Malaysian version is also expected to be marketed by the Perodua brand in the third quarter of 2009. The scanned photos are reportedly taken from a dealer brochure.

Although smaller than the upcoming Proton, the Toyota/Daihatsu vehicles are expected to compete thanks to clever use of interior space. A transverse mounted Toyota 3SZ-VE 1.5 liter engine powers the front wheels. Interior details such as shifter locations are expected to change for the Malaysian version. Pricing is expected to come in between 1.45 million and 1.8 million yen when the car is introduced to the public on Christmas Day.

Toyota Passo Sette scans leaked