There are a lot of automotive oddities on eBay if you know where to look, and while some have an acceptable asking price, others are ridiculously expensive. Case in point, this replica desperately trying to look like a Ferrari 456M was listed for no less than $44,999 and to our surprise, someone actually bought it. For that money, you can order a brand new BMW M240i Coupe ($44,450 MSRP), but who are we to judge?

The ad does not say upon which model this Ferrari imitator is based, but the seller does mention it has the six-cylinder engine transplanted from a Lexus GS300 hooked up to an automatic transmission delivering power to those ghastly wheels dipped in chrome. Up front it has a pair of headlights "updated to 2015 Ferrari style," while at the back those cutouts for the quad exhaust tips further denote we’re not dealing with an OEM bumper.

Ferrari 456M kit car
Ferrari 456M kit car

Stepping inside, it’s actually not that bad as overall it does manage to mimic the cabin of a 456 Modificata, with the dashboard, steering wheel, center console, and leather upholstery resembling the real deal. It has been driven for 82,000 miles (about 131,966 kilometers) and seems to be in good in good shape on the inside.

According to the listing, the car’s most important asset is the fact that it looks like a Ferrari but does not come with the high maintenance costs of authentic prancing horses, while its uniqueness makes it even more interesting. Despite the rather steep asking price, the replica was actually sold at a loss according to the seller taking into account he says more than $65,000 have been invested to turn it into a 456M lookalike both inside and out.

The reason why he had it listed for sale online was to free up room in his garage in San Bernardino, California for something else. Problem solved.


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