If you are looking for a minivan with a spaceship-edge to it, then the Mazda Biante may be the perfect choice. Three new special editions of the people mover are on sale now in Japan.

Mazda has just released three new editions of the Mazda Biante minivan for the Japanese market. These versions of the very futuristic looking Biante come with special options and color choices meant to entice families and select businesses alike.

First up is the Biante 20S Limited, which comes standard with a 2.0-liter DOHC engine, and a choice between front-wheel-drive mated with a five-speed automatic transmission, or a four-wheel-drive with a four-speed auto. Other add-ons include dual power sliding doors, keyless entry with remote start, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The van also has 16-inch aluminum alloys, and a rear roof spoiler.

The Biante 20CS Limited comes with the above, as well as auto-leveling headlights. Families will appreciate the easily cleanable seats that come with this model.

Last up is the luxe Biante 20 NAVI Special, a limited edition model with a fair set of extras considering the price tag. Only 800 will be produced. This minivan includes a voice-control sat-nav running on a hard disk drive. It also comes with multiple camera parking assist letting you watch a front, rear, and side view. The DVD/CD player comes with an analog television tuner with printed antenna. Bluetooth, and a special choice of colors is thrown in for good measure. You can get your Biante 20 NAVI Special in Crystal White Pearl Mica, Brilliant Black, or Lilac Silver Metallic.

If you buy one of these 800 units be prepared to make a tradeoff. Some features found on the 20S Limited are not included in the NAVI edition. You will sacrifice the sliding doors, keyless entry, 16-inch aluminum alloys, and rear roof spoiler to get the more video-heavy version.

The Mazda Biante 20CS Limited starts at 2.2 million Yen ($25,000), including tax. The Biante 20S Limited begins at 2.5 million Yen ($28,640), and the Biante 20 NAVI Special can be yours for between 2.5 and 2.92 million Yen ($28,640 to $33,500). These three editions are on sale now.

Mazda Announces Biante Limited Edition and Special Edition in Japan