Go-to specialist Justin Law explains all.

The odds were stacked against the Jaguar XJ220 right from the very beginning. It debuted to massive acclaim at the British Motor Show in 1988. It looked absolutely stunning, and its V12 engine and four-wheel-drive were suitably exotic. Hundreds of orders flowed in.

The production car didn’t arrive until 1992, by which time the engine had halved in size and cylinder count, gained a pair of boy racer turbos, and it became rear-wheel-drive. To make maters worse, it launched into the teeth of a recession.

All of which made the XJ220 an extremely hard sell. Even holding the record for fastest production car at 217.1 miles per hour (349.4 kilometers per hour) didn’t help its cause. Just 271 were built in two years, and many sat unsold for years afterwards.

Through no real fault of its own, the XJ220 earned a terrible reputation, and yet there were enthusiasts. Like British outfit Don Law Racing, which initially bought an XJ220 to race, but ended up becoming to go-to specialist for the car.

After the first racer, several more cars that had been sat, unwanted were acquired. Then the team bought all the tooling from the factory so they could make parts. Then Jaguar gave them the remaining parts stock where their obligation to the car ended. They even managed to get hold of the near-mythical XJ220-engined Ford Transit van.

It probably wouldn’t be stretching the point to say that Don Law Racing has pretty much single-handedly kept the XJ220 story alive, servicing, modifying, and restoring dozens of them. And, as serious collectors have finally started to take an interest in the car, their services are more in demand than ever before.

Youtube channel visited Praemio Don Law Racing and spoke to in-house racer and Don's son, Justin Law, to get the lowdown on the car and what the company does to keep them on the road.

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