1,152 Ram trucks set a record for the biggest gathering of pickups.

What do you think the most hotly contested Guinness World Record is? Heaviest deadlift, perhaps. Maybe the biggest carrot ever grown. Or the most hot dogs eaten in a minute.

It turns ougt it could well be the record for the biggest gathering of pickup trucks, which has been broken yet again in one of the most bizarre events ever to take place at the Nurburgring.

Ram enthusiasts from all over Europe gathered at the ‘Ring last weekend for the record attempt. According to the organizers no less than 1,152 trucks turned up to lap the Nordschleife in one massive convoy, led by the 'Ring's own Ram emergency unita. It took over 30 minutes for all the trucks pass by. Some estimates put the total number on track at 1,300.

Here's another view of the parade.


And another.


In April 2015, 451 Ram trucks descended on Arlington, Texas to break the world record. Just three months later in July, 638 pre-1985 pickups paraded through the streets of Saltillo, Mexico. But both events have been blown into the middle of last week by this new attempt on the Guinness World Record. The organization’s website has not yet been updated with the new record, if it has, indeed, been recognized.

Such an enormous collection of Rams is a truly remarkable sight, especially considering that they have never been officially sold in Europe. Some will have been brought over by U.S. service personnel based there, but the vast majority are privately imported, at vast expense. Such is the pull these peculiarly American machines have.

It was a week for setting records on the Nordschleife. Last week ,Chinese stunt driver Han Yue also broke the record for the greatest distance driven a car’s side wheels. He completed a full,12.9 mile (20.8 kilometers) lap, which took about 45 minutes.

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