Check out these stunning 3D renderings of a concept racing Challenger by a Swedish design outfit named Vizualtech.

A Swedish car and boat design company called Vizualtech has left us all stunned at the WCF office with these stunning graphical images of their work. According to them, the company does all their work in 3D, thus giving their clients the opportunity to make absolutely accurate changes or improvements on computer before the physical work even begins. In fact, a number of racing teams with well-funded budgets already use these methods when developing their machines.

Inspired by Toyota's tight grip on the American NASCAR race series, Vizualtech wanted to draft an American muscle car that would challenge the endurance and GT race series of Europe. With all due respect to the dominating Corvette C6.R, their candidate of choice was the new Dodge Challenger. Decked out in FIA GT race specification and numerous liveries, the newly interpreted Dodge Challenger is a mean looking machine. Unfortunately it's only a virtual rendering, but the detailing, lines, livery, and shadows look amazingly real.


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