BMW may produce a CS Concept-based sports saloon after all, even though the brand recently confirmed that it's canning the project. New spy pictures however, strongly suggest otherwise.

After initially confirming that its CS Concept was a precursor to an upcoming production model, BMW then went back and said no, the CS would not be produced after all. But now fresh new spy pictures have surfaced and these point to the resurrection of a CS-based sports saloon.

The CS was conceived, according to Director of Design, Chris Bangle, holistically as a four-door saloon. It is thus larger in dimension than a 7 Series, sits four passengers, boasts aggressive front end styling, a sloping rear and an engine bay reserved for something very powerful. So the Porsche Panamera would be the most natural rival, alongside Audi's upcoming A7 and Aston Martin Rapide. Some have even speculated that it would bring back the 8 Series name tag.

As a hark back to the 1960s highly styled BMWs, the company named this concept ‘CS', but it is more than that; it points to possibly the future design direction of BMW which takes ‘flame surfacing' to the next level. BMW chose the 2008 Shanghai Auto Show to reveal the CS concept perhaps as a sign that such a car would be driven, growth wise, from the east / Asia where the appetite for high-end luxury cars is still strong.