It may only be a gimmick, but it's the little details that count.

Definitely not one of the most exciting features to have in a car, the start/stop engine button is a tad more interesting when installed in a Jaguar. It’s because in pretty much all recent models, even the first-generation XF, the button pulses exactly 72 times per minute for a very legitimate reason: it mimics the resting heart rate of a jaguar.


We’ve known about the fact that it pulses for quite some time, but it’s the first time we’re hearing how many times it does it and the reasoning behind it. Jaguar revealed this cool tidbit a few days ago on Twitter as a reply to a short clip posted by someone with the pulsating start/stop button of an F-Type.


Interestingly, we found an old tweet posted by Jaguar back in June 2013 talking about the start button of the first-gen XF pulsating for 72 times per minute, but in that tweet Jaguar said it’s the average heart rate of a human. It’s somewhat true taking into account a normal resting heart rate for adult varies between 60 to 100 beats per minute.

Getting back to the cool feature installed in recent Jaguar models, it’s certainly not reason enough to buy a car, but the devil is in the detail. We have to appreciate Jaguar for creating a connection with the feline from where it has taken the company name (and logo) back in 1945 when it changed its moniker from Swallow Sidecar Company (founded in 1922) to Jaguar Cars.

The next model in line to receive the lively start/stop button is the XF Sportbrake confirmed for an official launch sometime next year. Spy images have shown an F-Pace SVR is also on the agenda, so we’ll be seeing more of that cool feature in the years to come. It should also find its way inside a couple of electric vehicles currently in the works, according to a recent report mentioning there are plans for a zero-emissions sedan as well as an SUV.

Source: Michael Hraba, Jaguar (Twitter)