Trying to escape the cops is always a stupid thing to do. This guy learned it firsthand.

Only days after someone in a McLaren 650S had the “bright” idea to take part in a street race in Los Angeles, another guy decided to do something just as dangerous in the “City of Angels.” He stole a first-generation Chevy Volt and then attempted to make a run for it, but it wasn’t too long until the police cars started chasing him on the streets of Van Nuys and ultimately block the fleeing vehicle to apprehend the suspect.

It all began around 3:00 PM when the thief was spotted in the Sherman Oaks area, prompting the police authorities to start chasing him and put a stop to his reckless driving that might have injured some of the other traffic participants or the pedestrians. Driving way faster than he should have on residential streets, the suspect was swerving in and out of some heavy traffic and as the attached footage is showing, there were quite a few close calls.

After chasing him for close to 45 minutes, the police cruisers managed to block the black Chevy Volt on the Keswick Street located near Burnet Avenue. The officers then fired non-lethal rounds and smashed some of the car’s windows. Ultimately, they managed to pull the suspect out of the stolen vehicle and arrested him.

According to Sergeant Megan Glaister from the L.A.P.D.:

“Waited patiently for him to come out and to see if he would. At some point he was trying to injure himself and at that point we stepped in and used non-lethal force and took him into custody without any incident.”

The suspect received medical attention right at the scene, while the officer inside the police car the Chevy Volt crashed into was taken to the hospital, but thankfully the medics are saying his injuries are not very serious.


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