New Shelby Ultimate Aero sports an incredible 1287 hp. A new aluminum cast engine block and improved aerodynamics helps increase performance on Ultimate Aero with a top speed of 270 mph, or 434 km/h.

Okay, a top speed of 270 mph (434 km/h)? Seriously, who is going to drive that fast?

Still, Shelby Supercars likes to live up to its name. Here they've taken the Ultimate Aero and boosted its boogie by about 15 percent to an astonishing 1287 horsepower (947 kW).

The main factor in the power and performance upgrade is a new aluminum cast engine block, designed in-house, that lightens the load and improves oil flow with its sounder structural integrity.

Also, the Ultimate Aero gets new side intakes with carbon fiber louvers able that draw in about 20 percent more air for much improved cooling. Still, you wonder how this car doesn't just melt before your eyes with that kind of power and friction bursting beneath its frame.

There's a redesigned nose for better aerodynamic flow and a carbon fiber rear spoiler system, the AeroBrakeTM, which deploys upward by 8 inches (20 cm) as you step on the brake pedal for quicker deceleration.

The interior gets a do-over too. A redesigned dash and a cabin outlined by carbon fiber accents are part of the upgrade. They throw in an Azentek PC base info-tainment system too.

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