If you're looking for a more stylish high-horsepower sedan from Mercedes, AMG reportedly has one on the way.

There’s no shortage of high-performance sport sedans in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, but AMG wants to add one more, according to Autocar. Rather than tuning an existing four-door in the range, the engineers in Affalterbach  have a plan to create their own car that would outrun even the latest 603-horsepower (450-kilowatt) E63.

AMG reportedly plans to call the sedan the GT 4, which follows the naming scheme of its two-door GT. According to Autocar, Mercedes would debut the vehicle as a concept next year as part of its Vision series. The production version would arrive a couple years later in 2019.

The GT 4’s design reportedly takes elements from the GT, and the rendering above by Theophilus Chin imagines one way such a vehicle could look. Underneath the svelte bodywork, the model would use a version of the MRA platform from the C-, E-, and S-Class. For example, additional aluminum and high-strength steel would keep weight down. A unique suspension layout would also differentiate the GT 4 from the rest of AMG’s products.

AMG puts its 4.0-liter biturbo V8 into many of the division's products these days, and the GT 4 would be no different. However, it might be an even more potent version that the range-topping tune coming to the E63. Integrating the a starter and generator into a combined unit would offer mild hybrid capability and few extra horsepower.  The rest of the drivetrain would be similar to the range-topping E-Series, including a dual-clutch gearbox and all-wheel drive.

If this report is accurate, then the folks at AMG are keeping very busy. The division has a secretive project that’s creating a hypercar with Formula One tech. Plus, spy shots indicate the performance arm is creating a hotter A45, revised S63, E63 wagon, and C63 R. That’s quite an enticing slate of upcoming high-horsepower options.

Source: Autocar

Photos by: Theophilus Chin

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