You could drive coast to coast with EV chargers every 50 miles along the highway someday.

President Obama doesn’t have much time left in the Oval Office, but he’s using his remaining months to get big things done. For example, the President of the United States has just announced the creation of 48 electric vehicle charging corridors across 35 states and the District of Columbia.

The new charging corridors will eventually cover 55 Interstates and 25,000 miles (40,234 kilometers) of highway. The goal is eventually to provide drivers access to an EV charger within every 50 miles (81 km) along these routes. See if one of the designated areas is near you in the image below.

EV Charging Corridors

The map indicates that there would eventually be transcontinental route for getting from the Northeast to the West Coast in an electric vehicle. North-south corridors would run through both coasts and from Texas to Minnesota someday, too. The government’s filing in the Federal Register is clear that this announcement allows for future additions “on a rolling basis, without a cap on the number of corridors” for creating a national EV charging network.

The Federal Highway Administration already has specific signs that identify EV charging sites. States can begin putting up these notices as soon as the FWHA approves a section that meets the following criteria: available DC Fast Charging and Level 2 charging capability, within 50 miles between stations, within 5 miles of the highway, and it’s open to the public. Motor1 has reached out to the FWHA to learn there's a mandated fast charging standard or whether states can choose because these sites would be a mix of state-owned and business installations.

The President’s plan also outlines some strategies for the future EV infrastructure. For example, the United States Department of Energy will publish two studies about chargers next year. One will estimate the optimal number of sites for various levels of EV market penetration. The other will outline the best practices for installing chargers, including the ideal locations for them.

There has already been a huge increase in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the eight years since President Obama has been Commander in Chief. When he entered office in 2008, there were fewer than 500 places to charge in EV. Today, there are over 16,000, and this initiative should mean even more in the years to come.

Source: White House, Federal Register, Federal Highway Administration Via: Electrek

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