He then went back in to retrieve her cane.

This is the terrifying moment a New Mexico police officer saved an 87-year old woman from her burning car. As if that wasn’t heroic enough, he goes back into the car to retrieve her cane.

Deborah Spear was driving her Toyota to an appointment with her doctor in Santa Fe, not realizing the car was running on a flat front left tire.

The flat eventually sparked a fire. As Deborah pulled into the parking lot of the Christus St. Vincent Pharmacy on St. Michaels Drive, flames were starting to engulf the front of the car.

Fortunately, officer Jimmy Madison was quickly on the scene and coaxed Deborah out of the car as flames licked around the open door. She struggled without her cane, but was able to steady herself on the door before grabbing on the pickup truck parked alongside.

Unbelievably, Madison goes back into the car to retrieve Deborah’s cane. His lapel camera caught the whole incident.

Madison was able to extinguish the fire before it fully took hold.

Deborah was taken to hospital with suspected smoke inhalation, but was released with a clean bill of health.

Local TV channel KOAT7 reached out to Deborah for comment, but she said it was past her bedtime to do an interview. She simply credited the police with doing “a great job” and added that she was thankful her German Shepherd hadn’t been in the car as well.

Santa Fe police only commented to confirm the incident happened.

No doubt Officer Madison would tell you it’s all in a day’s work. But it’s everyday acts of heroism like this that don’t get talked about enough. Madison did put his life on the line to help Deborah, after all.

The lesson here, of course, is that you should never ignore a flat tire.

Source: KOAT7