Volvo adds style and class to the S60 concept with long, sweeping lines, a warm color scheme, open feel, and new technology meant to improve performance and enjoyment.

With more and more news coming out about who's bringing what to Detroit, Volvo decided to get some buzz rolling for themselves by releasing video of the not-yet-seen Volvo S60 concept.

Volvo has an interesting perspective on what a small executive sedan should look like. Indeed, the car physically looks like something one might want to be seen driving. That is to say, it is not boring at all, and is rather pleasing to the eye. With design that gives the car a more smooth look, and a calm combination of copper and blue colors, one hopes the S60 concept does not get toyed with before going into production.

Stephen Odell, President & CEO of Volvo cars, said, "The sporty design gives visual promise of an enthusiastic drive and I can assure you ... that the all-new S60 will live up to that promise. The driving properties are better than in any previous Volvo. The car's technology will help you to be a better and safer driver."

"In forthcoming models, you will see more and more of our 'racetrack' design cues. The car's lines do not end abruptly but instead forge a continuous flowing pattern inspired by the fast sweeps of the racing track. In the concept car, this is particularly visible at the rear," says Volvo Cars design director Steve Mattin.

The company's release refers to a "modern Scandinavian design" marked by illuminated panels, and a trapezoidal grille. Front headlight shape is meant to give emphasis to the v-shape of the bonnet. LED lights inside the headlamps are produced from a shape that is supposed to reflect the "image of two miniature Viking longboats sailing side by side."

Although that may sound a bit confusing and/or pretentious, there is a point. It is here that Volvo is trying to push the cars DNA ("Dramatic New Approach," or "Do Not Abandon," depending on who you ask). Shaping the front of the car to look almost like a face was also intended to give the car some character.

Side mirrors on the car are attached by a transparent material that lights up as a turn indicator. A panoramic glass roof gives the S60 Concept a more open feel. Remote control rear doors are opened-and-closed like automatic suicide doors. Without a b-pillar, this creates an opening large enough for the largest of people. Seven-spoke 20-inch wheels on low-profile tires are unique for the concept, and contain bronze-colored callipers to match the copper paint job.

One Volvo tradition is completely intact: safety is utterly important. Volvo introduces a new system to detect a pedestrian jumping in front of the car with the S60 concept. If a person is detected, and the driver does not react, the car will apply full brakes. This will be present on the production model.

Odell also said, "The all-new S60 will be one of the strongest players in a segment where the competition is razor-sharp." The Volvo S60 concept will be on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month.

A new production model volvo S60 is due out in 2010.

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