The sports car features unique sidewinder doors that slide forward to open.

Rezvani is finally unveiling the Beast Alpha in Los Angeles on November 16, but ahead of the debut, the boutique sports car maker is teasing the wild Sidewinder doors on its latest vehicle. The firm claims that the odd forward sliding design allows a wide opening with a very small outward clearance. While that looks to be true, the novel solution would probably draw a crowd, too.

Rezvani continues to keep a secret about most of the Beast Alpha’s details, but the company’s plan is to offer a vehicle that’s less ferocious than its hardcore Beast and Beast X. The Alpha includes features like air conditioning, traction control, and airbags that are common on most automakers’ models but aren’t available on this firm’s other products. We also know the design features a removable roof section.

In a recent tease, the company showed off the Beast Alpha's front fender that features a diagonal slit for the hood opening. The general design still seems quite angular like the original Beast.

Rezvani Beast Alpha teaser

When Rezvani first teased the Beast Alpha in June, the company said that it would share the standard Beast’s Honda-sourced supercharged 2.4-liter engine with 500 horsepower (373 kilowatts). A six-speed manual would still send power to the rear wheels. The regular model can get to 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour) in 2.7 seconds. The additional weight of the new amenities might add a few tenths to that time, though.

The regular Beast uses the chassis from the Ariel Atom 3 but covers the metal tubes with a carbon fiber body. The roadster weighs just 1,650 pounds (748 kilograms). It’s not yet clear whether the Alpha uses the same platform, but the weight likely increases if the new model does.

The standard Beast starts at $215,000, and it seems likely that the extra features on the Alpha could push the price even higher. We’ll likely gets answers to many of these questions at the new vehicle’s unveiling in a couple weeks.

Source: Rezvani Motors

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