Turnkey factory race cars are nothing new, even when it comes to the Ford Mustang, but this new GT4 model broadens the car’s appeal. Though based on the existing Shelby GT350R-C race car, the Mustang GT4 is legal for a wider range of racing series around the world.

With its GT4 designation, the new Mustang can compete in IMSA and Pirelli series in the U.S., and the European GT4 series. Remember, those are series classes: the McLaren 570S and BMW M4 are both set to compete in GT4.

Motivation for this racer comes from a 5.2-liter V8 engine, with power sent through a paddle-shifted six-speed sequential transmission. Multimatic provides new dampers and other suspension parts. Forgeline 18-inch wheels measure 11 inches in width and are wrapped in slick race tires, all the better to clear larger brakes suited to hard racing duty. There are plenty of functional aerodynamic parts to improve downforce, plus a fully stripped interior that comes complete with a roll cage, data logger, and other safety gear.

Whether on U.S. soil or elsewhere, based on what we know so far, the Mustang GT4 should be a formidable contender any time it hits the track.


Live Photos: Jake Holmes / Motor1.com

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Photo by: Jake Holmes
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