Serious modifications add up to a Toyota SUV that will outrun most Porsches.

Think of the Toyota Land Cruiser, and you probably imagine a big, boxy SUV that can transport groups of people over pretty much any terrain. Tell someone that vehicle could exceed 200 miles per hour, though, and they’d be shocked. But at this year’s SEMA show, Toyota showed off a Land Cruiser intended to do exactly that.


The Toyota Land Speed Cruiser concept can actually do 220 mph, the company claims, a figure that would shame plenty of high-end sports cars from the likes of Porsche and Mercedes-AMG. Hitting that sort of speed takes serious grunt, so the SUV’s 5.7-liter V8 engine has been comprehensively reworked and breathed upon by a pair of turbochargers so that it produces in excess of 2,000 horsepower ­– more power than, say, a Bugatti Chiron. A new, lower suspension, plus an aerodynamic kit that includes an underbody tray and a new diffuser, helps keeps things planted at ludicrous speed. And although Toyota didn’t specify, we’re betting that improved brakes are part of the package, too.

Yes, it’s crazy to think that anybody would want a big, body-on-frame SUV capable of hitting such insane velocities. But that’s exactly what the SEMA show is all about: dreaming big and building a real-life version of your dream. Or in the case of a 220-mph Land Cruiser, perhaps your nightmare.

Live Photos: Nathan Leach-Proffer /

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