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Building an outrageous custom car for SEMA and the need to get it sideways have collided and not even for the sake of competition. That’s the mission behind one of the most memorable builds at the 2016 SEMA Show – the Toyota GT4586. If the name is confusing we’ll break it down for you, this is a drift-prepped Toyota 86 chassis with a snarling V8 under the lid sourced from a Ferrari 458 Italia.

The build team includes a pair of guys who tend to push the envelope, professional drifter Ryan Tuerck and Shawn Hudspeth from Huddy Motorsports. They started with a bare 86 chassis and began stiffening and prepping it to extremes outside of Formula D rules since it won’t compete there. 

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Then the crew set a new benchmark for unusual swaps with a 4.5-liter V8 sourced from the Ferrari 458 Italia mid-engine supercar. In this application, the 570-horsepower engine is mounted up front with the custom headers heading in the wrong direction with front-facing exhaust piping. The headers dump into the exit pipes flanking the front bumper and impressive flames have been popping out the sides ever since the first start up video.

The suspension geometry has been radically altered for the steering angle required to get sideways. These custom components are connected to a set of BC Racing DR Spec coilovers built to the specifications required by Tuerck and Hudspeth's creation.

A set of Fifteen52 Penta three-piece wheels finished in gold were spec’ed out in 18-inch for the project. The Penta wheels are wrapped in Hankook RS3 tires with 245/40R18s up front and 265/40R18s in the rear. Braking duties are handled with a set of massive Brembos, the racing-spec GT-R six-piston setup along with a hydraulic handbrake supplied by Nameless Performance.


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