Like pretty much every other automaker, Kia is working really hard to make self-driving cars a reality. In fact, by 2030 Kia says it will launch a fully autonomous car under its Drive Wise brand. But, when your car drives yourself, what are your going to do with all of that extra free time?

Well, start with the Nitro Triathlon Concept. It’s based on the Nitro Hybrid, but it’s meant for cyclists who are training really far from home. So, of course, it’s got a rack on the back for a racing bicycle, as well as all sorts of space for bike gear and recovery drinks. It even has a shower function to clean yourself off after the race. 

But the very biggest deal with the concept is that, because it drives itself, it can pace you when you’re out on a distant ride. Then, when your’e really worn out from the effort of racing, it’l drive you home in the luxury of a lounge chair… no driving required. 

Watch our video live from Kia’s SEMA stand to see the Triathlon, as well as the rest of the brand’s cool self-driving concepts. 


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