Colorado ZH2 might be perfect for future battlefield scouting missions.

One look at this Colorado, and you'd probably think it's just another off-road-ready concept strutting its stuff at this year's SEMA Show. But what you're actually looking at is a hydrogen-powered Chevy Colorado, designed for the United States Army to test the effectiveness of fuel-cell vehicles in battlefield scenarios. It's called the ZH2, and it's super cool.

As we reported previously, the Colorado ZH2 was created in less than a year; General Motors worked with the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center to create this big brute. It rides on a stretched version of the Colorado platform, and rolls on huge, 37-inch tires that should pretty much clear anything in its path out in the field.

“Over the next year, we expect to learn from the Army the limits of what a fuel cell propulsion system can do when really put to the test,” Charlie Freese, GM’s executive director of global fuel cell activities, said in a statement.

Since FCEV powertrains don’t make much noise, the Army thinks a so-equipped vehicle will be perfect for scouting in missions. Electric motors also provide instant torque, and lots of it, which should help this Colorado drive over just about anything. Even more interesting, the Exportable Power Take-Off system allows soldiers to remove the fuel cell from the vehicle, to have an electric power supply that’s mobile.

Following the ZH2’s internal testing by GM, this Colorado will be handed off to the U.S. Army for a year of field testing to determine its future purpose, if any. Check it out for yourself in the gallery below.


Source: Chevrolet

Photos: Nathan Leach-Proffer /

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