KTM X-Bow owners can keep their open-topped mid-engine roadsters on the road all year round with newly introduced winter gear including snow tires and cold-weather helmet and driving clothes that have been designed for use with the X-Bow.

Drivers addicted to the unique thrills of the KTM X-Bow no doubt dread the onset of winter, when the open-topped mid-engined sports car is relegated to hibernation in the garage. That's no longer the case, however, as diehard X-Bow drivers can now take advantage of winter gear offered by KTM's PowerParts and PowerWear accessories collections. Properly equipped, a dedicated driver can keep his X-Bow on the road all winter long.

Snow tires are the first part of the equation, of course. Pirelli Sottozero snow tires are offered, with five-bolt wheels and center locking available. For icy condition, homologated snow chains are also available.

By now, you've probably noticed that the X-Bow is a roofless roadster. The motorcycle experts at KTM have a solution to that too, in the form of specially designed winter clothing for the driver. Schöffel-designed driving clothes and a Schuberth helmet are both made specifically for keeping the X-Bow's driver warm during winter drives. The full outfit: helmet, jacket and trousers starts at 950 Euro. Indoor and outdoor covers for the car are also available.

KTM X-Bow gets a Winter Package