Ferrari Dino has been spied again riding on public streets. These are the clearest pics of it yet, featuring no hunchback for the first time.

Everyone knows that Ferrari is hatching a baby the size of some popular German roadsters. What we don’t know yet, is whether Dino, F149 or California GT will be on the name badge. The pictures shown are the newest on the block, revealing the car for the first time without its notorious hunchback that’s been a trademark ever since we first spied this Ferrari testing.

Ferrari is not isolated from the rest of the world, and as such they are working on ways to impress the green cops. One of these is of course the turbo which is rumoured to be on its way back to Formula One where Ferrari tests a lot of their future on-road technology. Engine upfront, two doors, driven by the rear wheels. We sincerely hope that underneath what is probably one of the ugliest ducklin camouflage jobs out there, is a princely swan.

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