Which high-class British SUV is quicker in the standing kilometer?

The Land Rover Range Rover essentially created the now-booming segment of large, ultra-luxurious SUVs several decades ago, but competitors have starting arriving to challenge the venerable model’s superiority. The Bentley Bentayga is chief among them so far. It carries a world-renowned name in British luxury and rides on the latest iteration of Volkswagen Group’s MLB platform. Now, Auto Express lines the pair up to find out whether Bentley’s latest entry can accelerate quicker than a Range Rover in a standing kilometer (0.62 miles).

The Land Rover comes to this fight out-matched from the very beginning. Auto Express chooses the SVAutobiography trim with a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 that makes 503 horsepower and 461 pound-feet (625 Newton-meters. It weighs a whopping 5,408 pounds (2,453 kilograms).

In comparison, the Bentayga wins on paper. Its biturbo 6.0-liter W12 produces 600 hp (447 kW) and 663 lb-ft (900 Nm) of torque. At 5,379 pounds, the Bentley isn’t exactly a lightweight, either.

In the race both models are quite quick, and their composure under hard acceleration is quite impressive. They seem to build speed effortlessly like two road-going locomotives.

After seeing these results, it’s amazing that an even more powerful Bentayga Speed model is under development, and the big SUV would allegedly have 650 hp (485 kW) The top speed could nudge 200 miles per hour (322 kilometers per hour). A sprint to 60 mph (96 kph) might happen as quickly as four seconds, too.

Land Rover is also keeping the Range Rover lineup fresh with the introduction of the SVAutobiography Dynamic trim in the fourth quarter of 2016. It takes the 550-hp (405-kW) tune of the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 from the Range Rover Sport SVR. The run to 60 mph reportedly takes just 5.1 seconds.

While the Bentayga has the spotlight in this category at the moment, it might not last. Top trims of the next-gen Porsche Cayenne, which shares the same platform, could be even more powerful. In addition, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk wouldn’t be as luxurious but its 707-hp (527 kW) might leave the Bentley in the dust.

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