Tractor-pulling semi truck 'Jacked Up' ejected its entire engine out of the frame at a recent contest.

This might just be the biggest tantrum any vehicle has ever thrown.

The tractor-pulling semi-truck known as “Jacked Up” was competing in the National Tractor Pulling Championship in Bowling Green, Ohio recently. Lying in sixth place, driver Jack Kielmayer put the hammer down for what seemed to be a perfectly normal run when, without warning, all hell broke loose.

Clearly fed up with the rigors of its life, the immense Caterpillar diesel engine decided it had had enough and made a bid for freedom, bursting out the hood with an almighty thud.

Here’s a closer view, from the other side.


We’re not just talking about the cylinder head blowing off the block, here. Everything above the crankcase was ejected straight out of the engine bay. Apparently, the cylinder block itself shattered at the base of the cylinder bores, and the turbo boost in the cylinders propelled the top half skywards.

The hood, grille, firewall, cowling, windshield, and even the roof  were heavily damaged in the explosion.

It took a big forklift to remove the remains of the motor from the track.

Jacked Up Motorsport, which built and runs the truck, has not indicated what caused the blow-out, or if it intends to embark on a rebuild. It would not be surprising if the frame was damaged by the forces, potentially totaling the whole rig.

The team posted some images of the damage on its Facebook page.


It is a minor miracle neither the driver or a spectators were hurt as at least 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms) of iron went flying. Ironically, the fact so much of the engine came out probably prevented any injuries as most of the moving parts were contained. Had the head blown off, valves, springs, pistons, and other shrapnel could have been sent flying all over the place with force of a bullet.

Has there ever been a bigger blow-up?

Source: BangShift