If the NHRA gave out style points, this guy would deserve all of them.

Cruz Pedregon definitely knows how to win in style because the NHRA Funny Car driver managed to achieve victory in a run where he crossed the finish line with two wheels off the ground. There were even brief moments when the wheelie bar was the only thing keeping the drag racer from flying into the air. Despite the wild ride, Pedregon‘s run still had an average speed of 218.55 miles per hour (351.7 kilometers per hour) and took just 4.244 seconds.

According to the NHRA and Pedregon‘s data, his Snap-on Tools Toyota lifted the front wheels up to a 45-degree angle. The front tires came up 339 feet (103 meters) into the run and didn’t return to terra firma until the 1,121-foot (342-meter) mark. That works out to a wheelie for well over two American football fields.

Pedregon estimated he was going as fast as 270 mph (435 kph) when the wheels lifted. “I saw nothing but sky and was just hoping I was not around,” he wrote of Twitter referencing a concern about somersaulting the car. He told the NHRA that he took his foot off the throttle as soon as he could but admitted that he lifted too late. “It already past the point of no return,” Pedregon said. He was essentially just along for the ride.


Pedregon reported having a sore back after his wheelie but was otherwise uninjured. However, his car suffered too much damage to make any subsequent runs, according to the NHRA. Pedregon will have a new vehicle in time for the next event in two weeks.

Other videos show the absolutely brutal results that can happen when a funny car goes airborne during a run. We are happy to see that Pedregon manages to keep his drag racer under control this time because the result is an absolutely amazing video.

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