Last week Nissan announced the GT-R lapped the Nurburgring in an astounding 7 minues 29 seconds knocking a full 9 seconds of its previous record. We were led to believe the GT-R used was completely unmodified, but even though the GT-R has already been launched over in Japan, the engineers are still working on upgrades for its launch in Europe and the States.

Chief vehicle engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno said that the US bound GT-R will get a few tweaks including three harder engine mounts and a stiffer transaxle mount resulting in an even finer tuned suspension and powertrain. These details are certainly areas which helped the GT-R achieve a time of 7min 29 sec on the Ring.

The European version will be enhanced further with a slightly revised steering system and recalibrated rear differential although the GT-R team make a decision on this in September. But why enhance the GT-R further when it is already proved itself among the worlds top supercars? 'The GT-R is my son,' Mizuno explained. 'A son grows up and it's my duty as father to keep improving it.'

Secrets for GT-R Record Ring Run Revealed