If you can't patiently wait for BMW to finally come out with the long-rumored M2 GTS, this modified M2 Coupe is the next best thing.

Reports indicating plans for a hardcore M2 GTS have been swirling around the Internet for quite some time, but BMW isn’t ready just yet to reveal what would likely be a limited-run special edition with a price to match. Thankfully, tuners are hard at work preparing something along the lines of a GTS-flavored M2 Coupe with a plethora of upgrades.

Case in point, Alpha-N Performance is proud to show off its “M2 GTS” with a beefier body kit featuring a new hood derived from the M4 GTS. The hood alone will set you back at least €3,399 (about $3,730) and can be had either in carbon fiber or Kevlar. For an additional €1,299 ($1,420), the tuner will be more than happy to provide you with a new front spoiler lending the high-performance coupe with a more aggressive fascia. The back of the car is now home to an M4 GTS-like rear wing available from a cool €2,099 ($2,305), while the diffuser costs and extra €999 ($1,100).

BMW M2 GTS by Alpha-N Performance

Also inspired by the M4 is the new roof with a visible carbon fiber finish and a central recess as a nod to the original panel. It can be had for a steep €1,449 ($1,590) and can be optionally matched with new side mirror caps also dipped in carbon fiber. Those larger wheel arches are now hosting a pair of 20-inch alloys borrowed from the M4 GTS, while the black kidney grilles and more prominent side skirts round off the exterior changes.

Underneath the hood it’s the same turbocharged, inline-six 3.0-liter engine, but instead of the usual 365 horsepower it’s now pushing out a meaty 450 hp thanks to Alpha-N Performance’s software wizardry. To match the extra muscle of the engine, the tuner has also fitted the M2 with ceramic brakes taken from its bigger brother, the M4 Coupe. As a final touch, the car has been equipped with an Öhlins fully-adjustable coilover suspension for sharper handling.

While this aftermarket package tailors the M2 Coupe, the tuner says it can install just about the same upgrades on the M3 and M4. All three cars will be on display towards the end of next month during the 2016 Essen Motor Show.

If you would rather wait for an M2 GTS (or CSL) straight from BMW, a prototype of a more track-focused M2 has been spotted performing testing rounds on the Nurburgring several times. It’s likely a sign a more powerful and lighter M2 is in the works and could hit the streets at some point in 2017.

Source: Alpha-N Performance

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