This incident seems less like a theft and more like borrowing a car for an extended period.

In a story that is ripe for parody on Portlandia, a woman in the famously quirky Oregon city had her red 2001 Subaru Impreza had her car stolen from the driveway one night, but the vehicle came back the next day with an apologetic notice and $30 in cash, according to The Oregonian. It turns out this "theft" was really just a big misunderstanding. 

Owner Erin Hatzi immediately checked her home's security system when her husband told her that the red Impreza was gone from the driveway. Sure enough, the camera captured someone getting into the hatchback in their driveway and motoring away. Hatzi posted the images on Facebook and asked for help recovering the car. 

However, Hatzi didn't need to worry because a woman drove the Impreza back to the scene of the "crime" while police were still in the driveway. The woman explained to the cops and the presumably confused couple that she had left her Subaru in the neighborhood and had asked a friend to pick it up. The woman woke up to find that her pal got the wrong car and drove it back to the rightful owner. We wonder how this woman was going to get back home, though. 


According to the police, some older Subaru keys are interchangeable. So the friend had no reason to know that anything was wrong or even about committing grand theft auto. After explaining the funny misunderstanding and giving the apology note and gas money to the Hatzis, the cops let her go.

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein shouldn't have to do very much exaggeration to turn this story into a good sketch on Portlandia. For some extra humor, let Kyle Maclachlan's mayor character play the friend and have him take the Subaru on a late night tour around Portland. The script practically writes itself. 



Source: The Oregonian, Erin Hatzi Via: The Drive