The Ford Fiesta ST is a good car, an honest car... but not a rare one. With a starting price of just $21,610 brand new, you could hypothetically go to your local Ford dealership and pick one up as we speak. But something about the one pictured here makes it one of the rarest Ford vehicles ever built.

It’s all about the color (inside and out). The unassuming shade of blue transforms the normally obtainable Fiesta ST into something of legend. That’s because this particular example was the exact vehicle that was on display at the Detroit Auto Show when Ford showed off the new GT a few years back.

Liquid blue, a color reserved specifically for the GT, coats the exterior of this unassuming Fiesta. One user on the Oppositelock forum, quite98, explains how he was lucky enough to come into ownership of such a rare Ford. And it all started with a simple used car search.

Listed for sale in Nashville, Tennessee, the 2015 Fiesta was said to be wearing “Performance Blue,” a factory color for the car. After a bit of research, though, it came to light that this it wasn't wearing an available a factory color at all, or an available factory interior.

On the inside, the black and white leather Recaros fitted were not an option offered from the factory, but were instead fitted for the auto show. And a quick VIN search further revealed its true identity, showing that the previous owner was actually the Ford Motor Company. Naturally, quite98 had to make an offer.

Unfortunately, the dealer wasn’t able to complete the deal before selling it off to another party. But as a stroke of luck would have it, the Fiesta ended up at another dealer just 10 miles from quite98’s home, and a new deal was struck. While he doesn’t say just how much he paid for this unique Fiesta, one can only assume that in a few years it will command an impressive figure at auction.

Source: OppositeLock


Photos: OppositeLock / quite98

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