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A tow truck driver has been caught on a dashcam tearing round in a Nissan GT-R he was supposed to deliver to a dealership.

The GT-R belongs to Brian Montgomery of Pearland, Texas. When the car’s transmission light came on, he arranged to have it towed to the local Nissan dealership. But rather than go straight there, the tow truck driver went to his home, unloaded the car and went for a joyride.

Montgomery, who was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident, realized what had happened when he noticed his sunglasses and GoPro charger were missing, and the dashcam was unplugged. He looked at the footage and found the tow truck driver had been ripping round residential streets at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour (120 kilometers per hour), and letting his friends drive.

Writing on the GTRLife forum, Montgomery explained what he saw: “The guy takes my car to his house, unloads it, blast [sic] it down the road around the block, calls his buddies, and then they all get a turn to drive it. Meanwhile, my dashcam rolls it. Then at 2am, the tow truck driver takes my car out and notices the dashcam and unplugs the power to it. So I have no idea what he went to do in my car.”

Montgomery posted the footage on Youtube.

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The car was finally delivered to the dealership the next morning and was returned to Montgomery a couple of days later.

Charges have been filed with both Pearland and Houston police.

Speaking to ABC13 Eyewitness News earlier this week, Montgomery said: “The tow truck company called me today apologizing. They wanted me to take the videos down. They wanted me to drop charges. And they were agreeing to pay to have the transmission serviced.”

ABC13 reached out to the tow truck company, Royal Towing, who said the driver was a contract driver who doesn’t actually work for the company, therefore they are not responsible for the incident.

Pearland police said that, once they have identified the driver, the matter will be passed to the Brazoria County District Attorney’s office.

Source: Jalopnik, ABC13

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