Can the next-gen four-seat GT match its predecessor's classical beauty?

Maserati expended so much energy prevaricating over whether or not to build the two-seater Alfieri sports car, it almost seemed as though the charismatic Italian marque had forgotten about the venerable GranTurismo.

First seen in concept form in 2014, the Alfieri was originally slated for production as early as this year. That date was later pushed back to 2018, but it was reported earlier this month that the Alfieri has been delayed again, until at least 2020, to make way for the next-generation of the four-seater GranTurismo.

The rendering you see here imagines what that car will look like. It retains the current car’s long, sleek shape, but adds a new front end that mixes elements of the Alfieri with hints of the Quattroporte and Ghibli sedans. The rear haunches have been filled out, too, to give it a more powerful stance. 

The Alfieri's tightly-surfaced, dynamic styling stands in stark contrast to the slightly bloated sedans. We can only hope that the GranTurismo's styling draws more on the former than the latter.

The current GranTurismo was launched all the way back in 2007. Though it has never been scalpel-sharp to drive, it is a hugely characterful companion on long, high-speed drives.  

It’s huge, too, stretching 192.2 inches (4,881 millimeters) from nose to tail. The next-gen version is likely to be built on a similar scale, in order to retain its position as one of the few coupes that genuinely can accommodate four passengers.

The Quattroporte will almost certainly be tapped for its chassis and 523 horsepower (390 kilowatts), 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine. More powerful versions of the motor could well turn the GranTurismo into a 200 miles per hour (320 kilometers per hour) car, putting it on par with the likes of the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

A new GranCabrio will inevitably be spun off from the GranTurismo, as well.

Expect to see the new GranTurismo some time in 2018 or 2019.

Source: Omniauto

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