Styling and performance changes to Lotus Elise, courtesy of Project Kahn. Among other improvements are lowered suspension and full leather interior.

One of Project Kahn's major missions when transforming a normal Lotus Elise into what you see here was to help owners of the car stand out from a possible sea of other Elise owners out there. As a 60th anniversary project for Lotus, Kahn went even sportier with the Elise, installing a full aerodynamic body styling package.

Front spoiler, ventilated front wings, side sills, rear spoiler and larger side intake ducts are some of the exterior alterations done. Interior also received some attention with a full leather compliment fitted. In addition Kahn provided a sports exhaust system to improve engine breathing and then improved handling with a lowered suspension with 28 stage dampeners. Improving the handling of an Elise is quite a tall order, given the car's established high credentials on a track, but Project Kanh is confident they have done it.


Gallery: Project Kahn Reveals Lotus Elise styling package

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