71-year old runs more than 200 mph with his 2,200 hp Lamborghini

Warning: contains some NSFW language.

By the time they reach 71 years of age, most people are starting to slow down, taking it easy. Not so Bob Helms, who is going faster than ever.

You see, rather than a beige Camry, Bob drives a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. Which is pretty awesome in itself, but Bob’s is no ordinary Gallardo. Because Underground Racing have turned it into a twin-turbocharged, 2,200 horsepower (1,641 kilowatts) monster.

To realize that kind of power, UGR essentially rips the entire engine apart and rebuilds it back up from the bare block. For the most extreme tunes, UGR even manufacturers its own cylinder blocks from billet aluminum. Bob was hoping to have one installed in his car, but had to make do with the standard factory block. Which could still withstand more than 2,000 hp. Goes to show how over-engineered cars can be, these days.

The point of all that power is to go fast. Really fast. Bob has been a regular at the Texas Speed Syndicate’s Texas Invitational runway racing event for the last five years, but had never finished better than third. And last time out, he blew his car’s engine. So he turned up at the most recent edition more determined than ever to finally post the fastest speed of the competition.

He started strongly, reaching a speed of 197 miles per hour (317 kilometers per hour). A few runs later, he blasted through at 213.87 mph (344.19 km/h), the highest speed ever recorded on the course. Place in the final secured, Bob went for broke and turned the boost up to the max, and scorched down the strip at 215 mph (346 km/h).

That was enough for Bob to secure the long-awaited win - against guys mostly young enough enough to be his son. "You don't give up, you keep coming back. It's all about the fun," Bob said. "I love what [Underground Racing] do, because without them we couldn't do this."

It seems like Bob's win was extremely popular. Hopefully he'll be back to go even faster.