Flexible working and “hotdesking” are on the rise - people working when they want, where they want. Trouble is, when you’re a flexible hotdesker, you don’t always have access to a fully-equipped office.

That’s where this Nissan e-NV200 Workspace concept comes in. According to Nissan, it’s the first battery-powered, zero-emissions mobile office. In fact it’s probably the first self-propelled mobile office of any sort.

The 151.8 cubic feet (4.3 cubic meters) load space has been fitted out by renowned design workshop Studio Hardie, a specialist in packing as much stuff as possible into tiny spaces. To one side is a desk that folds down to reveal a touchscreen computer, wireless mouse and keyboard, and stationary storage. To the other is a counter from which rises a barista-grade coffee machine for those emergency espressos.

At the front is a pair of office chairs, one of which can be moved to the desk. Between them sits a wooden console that conceals a mini fridge draw, a wireless phone charging pad, and a Bluetooth speaker.

A panoramic roof, oak flooring and smartphone-controlled LED lighting set the ambiance, and there’s a folding bike hung from the rear door for those times you can’t drive to the door. There’s even a pull-out deck at the back.

Designer Will Hardie said: “We specialize in creating amazing space in unexpected places, but we’re never done anything in an electric vehicle before. We believe the future of technology is a return to quality craftsmanship, so we’ve also looked to hone an environment that professional will really enjoy working in. All the comfort and connectivity of a modern office, with a few surprising touches.”

Nissan Europe EV boss Gareth Dunsmore added: “The Nissan e-NV200 is already a smart, sustainable transport solution for forward-thinking businesses, making it the ideal vehicle to be used as the basis for a mobile workplace.”

The e-NV200 Workspace is a very cool little office. And, in a world of rising fuel prices and office rents, you can see the logic. But there is a problem. Any company that adopted the idea would need a fleet of them, or risk a bun fight for the keys at the end of every day. Plus, if there are to be used on the move, you would need to employ drivers. All of which would surely wipe any savings you made on office space and fuel.


Gallery: Nissan e-NV200 Workspace concept

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