Worried about your Baby Jesus being stolen out of your Nativity scene? Why not stuff a GPS into it and bust the thief! A New York company will help you do just that.

From Wellington, Florida, to North Richland Hills, Texas, America is plagued by a serious problem: Theft of the Baby Jesus from Nativity scenes.

New York-based BrickHouse Security is giving away security cameras and LightningGPS devices free for the holiday season, but only to nonprofit religious institutions. So far, 70 churches and synagogues have taken the company's offer for the month.

Last year, the device was stuffed inside an $1,800 Baby Jesus stolen from a community center in Wellington, Florida. Sheriff's deputies tracked down the figure to an apartment and took an 18-year-old woman into custody.

In the Dallas suburb of North Richland Hills, one family demonstrated the effectiveness of having a security camera. After their teeter-totter was swiped the family set up a few cameras in their yard. To their surprise, the cameras caught a teenage girl stealing their $500 baby Jesus.

BrickHouse Security CEO Todd Morris said they came up with the idea after getting calls from churches requesting one-month GPS rentals instead of long-term contracts.

This year, Baby Jesus has been stolen out of Nativity scenes in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, and Eureka Springs, Arkansas, amongst other places. In Kittanning Jesus was replaced with a pumpkin.

Luckily for us, nobody has stolen the WCF Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Merry Christmas!

Sweet Baby Jesus gets LoJack and GPS