A Ghostbusters fan's wheelchair has been turned into an awesome Ecto-1 replica.

Jeremy here loves Ghostbusters. And he loves dressing up for Halloween. But Jeremy’s plans for a Ghostbusters Halloween costume were rather more ambitious than beige coveralls and a back pack with a vacuum cleaner hose attached. He wanted to dress up his wheelchair, too.

Fortunately, Jeremy’s dad, Ryan, knows a thing or two about making costumes for wheelchairs, and set about turning the wheelchair into the classic Ecto-1 Cadillac - based a toy of the cartoon version. And, I think you’ll agree, it looks absolutely awesome.

According to CNET, the costume took a month and half of weekends to make. It’s a surprisingly close replica of the toy, and even has fully loaded roof rack, working lights, and a siren.

Ryan said: “There were so many challenging parts to this costume, which is part of the fun, but by far getting the curve of the body was the hardest part. We had a couple of failed attempts until we got it right.”

As well as local trick-or-treating, Jeremy was invited to take his Ecto-1 to the Rady Children’s Hospital Halloween party in San Diego, California. “It was nice to be able to bring some smiles to kids,” Ryan said, “because we know all too well how tough long hospital stays can be.” Nine-year-old Jeremy lives with spina bifida, a condition that affects spinal cord development.

Having watched all the movies and the original cartoon series, Jeremy was thrilled to come across in the 1997 animated series Extreme Ghostbusters, in which a main character is confined to a wheelchair.

Since it was posted last week, the video has racked up more than 37,000 views. It even came to the attention of Sony Pictures - which owns the Ghostbusters franchise - who have invited Jeremy and his family to visit Sony Studios to see the real Ecto-1.

In previous years, Jeremy's wheelchair has been turned into all sorts of things, including a Star Wars Snow Speeder.

Source: CNET