Electric cars are great, but how do we charge them? GM is partnering with electric company Iberdrola to answer the questions about electric vehicle viability.

Plug-in electric cars are seen as potential solution to ween the world off of oil, but nobody has been able to answer the question, "Where can I recharge my car when I'm not at home?" To come up with a solution, General Motors Europe has signed a deal with Spanish energy giant Iberdrola to begin development of an infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Iberdrola has over 27 million customers worldwide, and they are one of the top providers in Spain. Their focus has been on innovation and R&D, particularly in the field of renewable energies.

The partnership between the two firms starts with a feasibility study looking into the technical needs "of a recharging infrastructure." From this research, the two companies could potentially develop solar and wind powered recharging stations, to make plug-in cars truly zero emission vehicles. GM will use the research to push their Chevrolet Volt as a viable product.

Research will take place in Spain and the U.K., and will focus on developing convenience and safety. Topics being looked into include the locations for plug sockets at home and at the office, parking facilities with electricity meters installed on site, and the true sustainability of electric cars.