New zero-emissions taxi design concept for Latin America wins prestigious award. The Red Dot Design Award for best design concept went to the MX-LIBRIS, a fuel-cell driven taxi with a design that speaks public transport.

The MX-LIBRIS, a taxi concept vehicle, has won the Red Dot Design Award, an international design competition.

The taxi was designed specifically for cities in Latin America by its creator Alberto Villarreal and the MX-LIBRIS took the Design Concept 2008 Award of the Red Dot competition with a styling that captures the aesthetics of public transport and, intentionally, not that of personal cars.

The taxi runs on fuel cells and makes use of drive-by-wire technologies, replacing mechanical components with electronic ones, to optimize space in the car. The taxi is a compact car with a large cabin area achieved by pushing its components to the extremities of the vehicle.

The intention of the design is to create something unique to Latin American cities and make the taxi a part of the landscape for tourists and visitors to enjoy.

The taxi will be a zero-emissions vehicle.



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