With the premiere less than a month away, The Grand Tour reminds us what made the presenters so great in their former life on Top Gear.

There are just 24 days until The Grand Tour premieres on Amazon Prime on November 18 - yes, I am counting them. The show’s official Youtube channel has whetted our appetites with lots of teasers and glimpses behind the scenes, and now there's this hilarious compilation from the presenters’ previous life on Top Gear - posted by a channel that may or may not be official.

The quality is terrible and much of the footage is the wrong way round, but it’s a great reminder of what makes Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May such a great trio. It’s their ability to see the funny side in absolutely everything, especially if it’s at the expensive of each other. It’s the kind of dynamic that only develops from all three being best mates, and has been sorely lacking in pretty much every other version. Including the most recent run on the BBC.

There are some truly classic moments here, many of which had me rolling on the floor when they first aired, and are still incredibly funny now - even though, thanks to endless repeats here in the UK, I’ve probably seen every single episode at least four times. There are some moments from rare, early episodes, too, that may be unfamiliar to non-UK fans.

New studio filming dates are still being announced for The Grand Tour. The tent will be pitched in Nashville, Tennessee on November 18. Applications for tickets are being taken on the Amazon website until 11:59 PM PST on October 26.

Personally, I cannot wait. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Clarkson since the early 1990s when he shook up the original Top Gear. And it’s been great to watch Hammond and May’s careers flourish since they joined the show when Clarkson and executive producer Andy Wilman reinvented it in the early 2000s.

In case you've not already seen it, here's the trailer. Which looks amazing.