This would be the perfect vehicle for Halloween, but it might scare too many people the rest of the year.

Henrik Fisker continues to tease his electric sport sedan from his new automotive endeavor Fisker Inc, but a new photo of the vehicle’s front end suggests the famous designer’s bold creation has extremely polarizing looks. If you love lots of intakes, then this vehicle might be for you.

According to a tweet from Fisker, the advantage of this shape is that the low hood is quite aerodynamic. While that’s probably true, it’s not necessarily beautiful in this execution. The designer also indicates that there’s a front facing radar and camera in the nose, and the LED headlights can adapt to the road head.

The last time Fisker tweeted about his new vehicle, he showed the wild doors that open vertically. The designer is best known for beautifully understated performance vehicles like the Aston Martin DB9 and BMW Z8. However, this new project is far more angular. It’s best to withhold judgement until we see how all the elements fit together, though. The front end looks very busy, but the profile is more elegant.

Fisker Inc. intends to debut this EV sport sedan in the latter half of 2017. The company is keeping relatively tight-lipped about the project’s mechanical bits, but the vehicle can allegedly go over of over 400 miles (644 kilometers) on a charge. The long range is possibility thanks to a new battery that reportedly uses lithium in a different way than what’s currently on the market. A combination of aluminum and carbon fiber in the model's construction should keep weight down, too.

The new automaker is already looking to follow Tesla’s model of starting with a luxury vehicle and then introducing something more affordable. The company is still teasing it’s first product, though, so the less expensive Fisker Inc. product is still quite far away – if it ever arrives.


Source: Henrik Fisker