Caught on video: Upcoming Mercedes E Class Coupe Convertible spied on camera. The E Class Coupe Convertible will replace the CLK as Mercedes' mid-range cabriolet.

Here's a spy video of the upcoming Mercedes E Class Coupe Convertible.

It's funny how just after photos of the new E Class have been leaked onto the Internet, ahead of its media launch next month, this comes out. Maybe someone has given some strategic marketing thought as to how to drive interest in Mercedes' latest launch.

In any case, the camouflage is real but you do get a sense of the proportions and look of the car in this video where we see the E Class Coupe Cabriolet moving around (in the snow, no less) for the first time.

The E Class cabriolet version features a new retractable hard top by Mercedes too. That you won't see coming down in this video, given the frigid winter conditions.

The production version of the car will likely come with the same series of engines available for the whole E Class range. That includes a 3.5 liter V6, a 5.4 liter V8 and an uprated 6.2 liter AMG V8. Diesels will likely also be on offer for the cabriolet, given how quiet they've become in recent years. Mercedes new generation of cleaner diesels expected in the cabriolet are: the 200, 220, 250 and 300 CDI, as well as the 350 BlueTec at the top of the range.

The Mercedes E Class will be launched next year and go on sale sometime in the fall as a 2010 model. The Coupe will premier at the Geneva Motor Show in March and Coupe Convertible is expected to make its debut at the Frankfurt show in September. The Coupe and Coupe Convertible models will likely be rolled out after the E Class sedan first hits dealerships late next year.


Mercedes E Class Coupe Convertible Spy Video