Nico Rosberg says he was not happy to finish second to Lewis Hamilton in the United States Grand Prix despite taking another step towards his first title.

Rosberg was unable to trouble his teammate in today's race, Hamilton dominating from start to finish after having started from pole position.

But despite the victory, Hamilton is still 26 points behind his Mercedes teammate.

With three races remaining, it means Rosberg could finish second in all of them and still secure the title.

Despite that, the German said today's result was not what he wanted.

"No, I don't see it like that," Rosberg said when asked if it was job done for him. "I wanted to win the US Grand Prix today, and it didn't work out.

"So I'm not ecstatic of course. But Lewis did a great job this weekend, it was his weekend. He did a good job in qualifying, and nailed the start, and then the race also.

"There was nothing I could have done, even thought I was feeling really good out there. I had great pace towards the end of the race, I was pushing like mad to try and close up and put slight pressure in some way on him. But it wasn't enough."

While Rosberg said he knows the advantage he has in the title battle, the Mercedes driver insists he will still go for victory in Mexico next week.

"I'm well aware of the championship situation, and it's exciting to be in that battle," he said. "But for me to do the best possible job, it's just to keep things very simple.

"That's what I like to do, and it's been feeling good to me.

"When I get to the next race in Mexico, I'm just going to go for the win, because I'd love to get the win there."

Additional reporting by Andrew van Leeuwen


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