One behind the other, back to back. That's the new 2010 BMW X3, following the 2006 facelifted X3. Make the comparisons if you can peel off the camo.

What better way to compare the current BMW X3 with its successor than to put them side by side? Our spies have managed to do so with good planning and luck. If you think you are seeing doubles, you are not. The grey/ silver one is the outgoing model, while the confused zebra version is what's coming.

BMW X3 created a segment by making offroad-capable cars like the Jeep Cherokee look unfashionable at the coolest cafes. Critics were unrelenting of its styling when first launched in 2003, but they too conceded it was brilliant on the road, where it belongs. The 2010 model has plans on improving this situation using technologies like Dynamic Performance Control and xDrive.

Power comes from a range of petrol and diesel engines, the former both naturally aspirated and turbocharged while diesels only come with turbos. Hopefully this time around a performance X3 goes into the lineup, but perhaps BMW will wait and see if Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLK come with S/ RS or AMG versions respectively before making that move.


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